Just imagine in the near future a big brother government controlled hospital, nursing home, or hospice care facility; starving, thirsty, patients being forced to lie in their own filth because they are seen as being unfit to live. The bed sores are festering with infection and you, the loving relative, although you have begged unmercifully for the care of your loved one, must watch the inhuman torture now being inflicted on them. The one and only comfort you have for your loved one’s untimely death is the knowledge that it can not last forever as you see their “final moments on earth in the company of a government health care worker with a syringe, who injects [them] with a lethal cocktail.”

If you think this is far fetched then think again. We are not as humane a race as one may like to believe. The proposed health care plans by President Obama will be a vicious attack on those whom need the most protection. Our care would be based on a cold hearted program which factors in only your physical aspects, certainly not your children, your wife, your husband, your job, or anyone who may depend on you. It would not take into consideration your insatiable appetite for life, or your fighting spirit. The only thing it would need would be age, weight, height, and medical status. It is already in Europe and Canada where the horror stories are pouring in and being covered up just as quickly. There is a reason that so many flock to the United States of America to receive what is considered the best health care in the world. It is one of the least government controlled health care systems in the world.

I have searched my heart for a possible reason as to why we would even entertain the idea of this government run health care. It really just boggles my mind. Yes, I don’t like receiving a high hospital bill any more than the next guy, but when I know that it has been for a good reason and we got great care in return, then I know it is worth it. The only thing that I can draw a conclusion to is the selfish dependence on the government that so many have come to know; along with the government’s political elite’s hunger for power and dominance over the American people. In my opinion, it is a very sneaky way to population control. And with the baby boomers now reaching senior citizenship and out numbering that of the young it is quite possible that some in our society may choose to look the other way to avoid over run health care costs. Something should be done in that matter, however, let’s keep it morally sound and treat all human beings with dignity and respect until the very last breath by providing every service available to improve their lives. Talk about a boost to the economy, that would provide a dramatic increase in the available medical jobs.

Source: Whistleblower magazine. A monthly publication of worldnetdaily.com. Volume 18, No. 8 August 2009 Pg 11-24 Medical Murder, By Richard Poe

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