I have several investigations to start me out this fall. There are a couple of urban legends that I have heard of in the surrounding states that I will be going to check out. I will also be attending the upcoming tea party events in my local area. My big expedition that will spark the interest of those interested in the unexplained will be to camp out this September and look for the elusive Big Foot! Yes, I said Big Foot. I will bring an ape call, scents, food bait, and recording devices to the area.

The things I have seen in the past have made it look so easy to go out using the types of bait I described and have some kind of interaction with the big furry guy. So we want to see how much truth there is in their methods and just see what we find or don’t find. If you have any correlating information or tips you are welcome to share it with me. It can be from anywhere in the world; I welcome it. The location I have chosen is the Daniel Boone National Forest in the Appalachian mountain range. Have you seen Big Foot? Tell me your story!