As I was searching the web this morning for what I felt was really important to my readers this article really caught my attention. In it is explained that since Obama and the Democrats on board with the health care reform have been some what unsuccessful in their efforts to win over the rest of the senate, they want to use the reconciliation process to get their bill passed. That would make it only require 51 votes to pass. This would not only bypass the Republican and Independents who are opposed to this, but also the Democrats that are opposed or absent. Not to mention make it filibuster proof, or in other words, not up for discussion. As stated in the article by Heidi Przybyla, “The president and his advisers have started devising a strategy to pass a measure by relying only on the Democratic majority in each house of Congress[…].”

I have to agree with Senator Orinn Hatch who said using the reconciliation process is “an abuse of the process. In fact, I think it is a huge misuse of power! We have voted these senators and congressmen into office to represent us, the people of the United States of America. And Obama sees it okay to pass a bill that would cost up ward of a trillion dollars or more without most of our elected officials. Even the independent senator, Joseph Lieberman, feels it is a mistake to hurry this through the houses of Congress. And it is, because there are other options to make over health care without putting the federal government in control and without putting America into yet another unnecessary trillion dollars of debt.

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