As I have said before, I am no doctor, and I am not telling you to not take the vaccine, but I just think that this H1N1 virus is being blown a little out of proportion. It definitely has the potential to mutate as we saw it went from being only transferable between swine to being transferred to people, and then from person to person. However, I will say it again, the mortality ratios are really not all that impressive when compared to the typical flu viruses. The CDC and governments across the world seem very anxious to push this vaccine through quickly. Which I do understand, but am also concerned over the lack of research on the effects of it. The vaccination that was created in 1976 did cause more people to die than the actual virus itself. And I wonder if that could be the case again. Most warnings are coming from neurologists and the Health Protection Authority saying to be on watch for an increase of Guillian-Barre syndrome. I hope since it is now 2009 and technology has come a ways that it will be different, but I would not be running up as one of the volunteers. I just urge everyone to see what happens in the next month or so before having yourself and your family vaccinated for H1N1.

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