Is it possible that there was abuse of the interrogation system in the CIA? Yes, I believe it is possible. The people who were believed to go overboard with the interrogations have already been disciplined. But given the terrorists that we have interrogated I believe that the types of interrogation such as water boarding, firing blanks near the detainee, and other similar methods are indeed warranted. You can not expect to get valuable information from a terrorist (or why not call it like it is, murderer) without playing a little hard ball. I have heard things thrown around such as the interrogations causing detainee deaths, yet I have yet to hear of any type of method used that would cause death other than heart attack from being scared. I would be against physical torture such as breaking bones, or pulling out finger nails. However, you can not sit down and talk it out with these terrorists that we have been interrogating. All they would see that as is a weakness and never give up any useful information what so ever. These are the people who have killed thousands of innocent people and have no remorse. They feel they are justified by their beliefs to murder. We should be using as much force as possible to keep our country safe. If it meant keeping your loved ones safe, would you not use all means necessary to do so? At least we do not line them up to shoot them with a firing squad or cut their heads off on a television broadcast for all to see. We should be thanking the CIA and all of those who serve our country for keeping us safe for the past nearly 8 years and remember always who attacked first.

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