Earlier last week at a town hall meeting in Reston Virginia, for Rep. Jim Moran D-Va., a security officer for Fairfax County Public schools threatened an anti-Obamacare protester with arrest simply for the appearance of his poster. You would think by the manner in which the officer is treating the protester that his poster was of a vulgar nature, but it simply was not. The poster simply read, as shown in the World Net Daily article, “Organizing for National Socialist Health Care – The Final Solution” and showed our President with joker make-up. When asked why his poster was not acceptable along with everybody elses the officer stated, ” But you got this with a picture[…].” Then the officer stated, “That’s the difference. This has got a picture on it. That don’t have a picture on it.” Wow, can you believe that so much for freedom of speech. The officer even threatened him with arrest for trespassing if he didn’t put down the sign. As the argument escalated the protester holding the sign made the comment, “This used to be America.” The officer responded with, “It ain’t no more, OK.”  What has our country come to when officers who took an oath to up hold the law, and the constitution as part of that law, refuse to recognize the country in which they swore to protect and serve.

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