As you have probably heard, on September 8, President Barack Obama will become the first President of the United States of America to ever address all the schools of the nation. I for one would not have a problem with this if it was purely to tell them to do well in school, focus on their studies, and other academic related content. However, the outline in the event related guides developed by the US Department of Education suggests otherwise. In fact, it suggests the horrifying possibility of youth indoctrination by presenting questions as quoted from the website:

What is the President trying to tell me?

What is the President asking me to do?

What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?

And that is just a sample few, there are also follow up questions that the teachers are to ask the students which is detailed in the report done by Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin referenced below. It is also stated in the letter to the principles of the schools that children over the age of 13 are encouraged to make their own videos and send them in for prizes. I am guessing this would be over more than just education. I hope I am wrong, but it doesn’t sound like it. The government education website has posted what is supposed to be used as questions and activities during this event here Please be informed of what your child will be hearing at school.

There is quite an up rise, and rightfully so, among parents who have heard about President Obama’s speech. Many are just plain outraged. There are those that are going to have their children stay home or elsewhere to avoid them being exposed to the possible political curriculum and some schools are cooperating. The website reports, “The Houston Independent School District has directed principals to give parents a heads-up if they are planning lessons around President Obama’s speech so parents can opt out their children. Other districts said they would excuse students, though not all plan to send home notes in advance.” If you haven’t already, I would check with the school district to see what you options are if you are opposed to your child viewing this event. Because, as said, not all the schools are sending out notes in advance. Tell your friends and family too, they may be completely unaware of the situation. The problem with this broadcast is the potential that our children can be subjected to possible political ideology against our beliefs completely unchallenged or if they do stand up for their beliefs, it presents the possibility of them facing ridicule from friends and school faculty without support. For now, we will have to wait and see what September the 8th brings our youth’s way while doing what we can to protect them from the possibility of indoctrination.

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I support National Keep Your Child At Home Day September 8, 2009!