We have seen the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility everywhere since the election. It has been on everything from the highest ranking media to eBay. And yet no one knows for sure where our President was born. Sure there was the release of a Hawaiian birth certificate. But that did not include the important information, it only contained the “short form”, and as of now, President Obama has refused to release the “long form” of his birth certificate. This is actually the only reason I have personally questioned his birth. He is simply making himself look guilty by not releasing the “long form”, instead it has been taken up by a man by the name of Lucas Smith. Who, although has a criminal history, claims it is because of who he is that he was able to obtain such documentation from the Kenyan government. Not to mention, family of the President saying that he was born in Kenya makes it all that much more questionable.

Evidently what Mr. Smith has is pretty convincing, because a California judge has scheduled a trial for January 26, 2010. The arguments for the case are set to begin on January 11. We have already seen a great deal of coverage on this issue. But I know that is about to go up ten fold. The signs, protests, articles, and demands from the public will more than likely be coming in at even greater amounts than we have seen before. But for those of us who can’t tangibly see the documentation for ourselves we will have to follow all of this media circus from now until then sorting through those who are in it just to support their vote. It should be an interesting ride.

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