Here we are eight years later and for some it is still hard to find the words to comfort those who lost loved ones and thank the heroes that selflessly did all they could on September 11, 2001. But after scouring the internet, I have found a poem that I felt was well thought out, real, and expressed my own feelings.  I wish I knew the author.

United We Stand

By: Anonymous
On a mid September morning,
as sunshine rose to greet the day
lives were soon to change forever,
In the most God-awful way.

Evildoers came from the East,
and the men chose to fly
carried out a mission so twisted,
that they were honored to die.

Great jets came from the sky,
on this most ill fated day-
As our stunned nation watched,
And we started to pray.

It was a scene of pure chaos,
seeing the Twin Towers fall-
Holding our breath, we thought,
Dear God, help us all!

From the worst comes the best,
Is what they so often say.
We saw everyday people
Become hero’s that day.

People were lined up for miles,
to try and do what they could-
We drew strength from each other
As a great nation should.

Our leader then spoke to us,
clearly holding back tears.
As he tried both to comfort,
and diminish our fears.

We were united in mourning,
Our nerves were all frayed.
And yet strangers held hands,
We lit candles and prayed.

They were our sisters and brothers,
all those who perished and died.
We felt the pain of their families,
And as a nation, we cried.

To terrorists worldwide,
We’re just a country you hate.
When you chose to attack us,
that alone sealed your fate.

The cowards who planned this,
thought that this nation would fall.
But we are stronger than ever,
And our flag will stand tall.

We will fight for the freedom
That defines our great land.
God Bless America,
For United we Stand.

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