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After coming upon the story of the American Police Force in Hardin Montana on 09/28, I have tried to keep on top of the relevant information in an effort to find the truth. It is my sincere hope that this is being taken out of proportion. But I keep finding little things here and there that make me continue to question those that say, “Nothing to see here.”

I have always respected and admired World Net Daily’s reporting, they are a wonderful source for conservative news and I will continue to use them in the future. However, the story that they have published regarding this small town in Montana makes me question their sources and just how far they went to get answers. It appears that the only residents that they interviewed were the finance officer for the city and the wife of Two Rivers (detention facility) Authority Executive Director. Now, I would think, in order to get straight answers, you would not want to go to someone connected to the possible source. I would want to hear from actual citizens.

What made me question this even further is an article I came across on Alex Jones’ website. I do not agree with everything on InfoWars with Alex being a 9/11 truther and a bit on the paranoid side, but I do find some valuable information on there from time to time. Anyways, this article is written by Michael Hollingsworth, who says he lives just north of Hardin MT. He made some phone calls and uncovered some interesting details surrounding this story.

The most surprising detail to me was the information he received from the Billings Gazette reporter, Becky Shay, who after breaking the story on the American Police Force earlier this month is now working with them. She actually confided in him, as he states, “Ms. Shay confided in me that she went from a reporter’s salary and conditions “driving a ‘99 Dodge Intrepid with a broken tie rod and bad front brakes”, to “a brand new black  SUV that she doesn’t have to pay the gas bill for”. Mr. Hollingsworth also said that he got the feeling that she was “trying to sell [him] something”. And when calling the KULR 8 News office, he states that “They expressed concern about how a near 20 year career reporter could simply sell out and go to work for the very company SHE ousted!”

Michael Hollingsworth also has in his article that he contacted others in the town as well, in which he details in his writings to Alex Jones. This all seems very strange to me and I would really like to know why it seems that there are people being paid off to cover something up.  No matter what, having the APF there and impersonating officers was illegal to begin with although the insignia has been taken off the vehicles now. I sure hope that some responsible reporters get in there and do some video coverage to verify or clear things up soon.




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