Just when you think our school system can’t be any more ridiculous about zero tolerance something new always seems to raise its ugly head.  A young first grader in Delaware brought his cub scout utensil tool to school. He brought his tool, which had a blade on it, to school to use it for lunch because he was so proud of being a Cub Scout, which he attended for the first time the night before. He never waved the knife. The knife/tool  fell out of his pocket while closed on the bus and the bus driver saw it, took it, and reported it to the school. His punishment is suspension and 45 days in reform school. The school system has a zero policy and for now will not bend. I understand that in today’s society with violence on the climb in schools across America that something needs to be done, but what ever happened to common sense? This child shows no signs of violent behavior nor any signs of criminal intent on bringing this tool to school.  Some room of understanding of the child’s age must be put in consideration as well when placing judgment that might carry with him for quite sometime.