What in the world does Homeland Security need 400 million rounds of ammunition, and of all things to supply their Customs and Enforcement (ICE) division? Why would that department need 400 million rounds of ammo for the next five years? You can rule out the possibility of needing those rounds for practice because the loads that Winchester is going to manufacture for them is 40 cal. 135-grain, hollow point bullets. These particular rounds are not normally used for practicing, and are considered to be very expensive to purchase. Most people use, for target practice, a full metal jacket which is a lot more cheap to make and buy. It sounds like to me that the government is stock piling ammo for a different reason. You can bet that what ever the justification may be, it probably isn’t a good one.  More than likely it is not intended to be used for shooting illegals coming across our border. Protecting our borders seems to be last on their to-do list.