I am tired of the mainstream media’s biased opinions in the recent years. I feel that we are consistently being handed false information or twisted data. So, I would like to dedicate this blog and all of my future reporting to inspire all of us to seek after the truth and think on our own two feet. I would like to feed the effort of giving the average citizen the opportunity to receive reality as seen without constraints. And with your help, we can uncover the facts that are out there and are yet unknown; to rip the chains of oppression from all truth whether it is political, religious, or the unexplained. I intend to pursue the truth from a Christian and logical point of view. I will post links to various news articles and offer my opinion on them.

I will accept any information in the subjects of politics, religion, and the unexplained that you would like me to post and write about. Pictures, video, dates, time, etc. would be wonderful. I can not be every where at one time, so you will be part of my reporting as well. I look forward to hearing from people from all walks of life and in all topics. I will, however, use my judgment on all things submitted. Pictures and video will be analyzed. I will also research for any copy right infringements before posting as well. If using anyone else’s work, please be kind and give them the credit they deserve.

Although I welcome your comments and opinions, keep it clean and do not spam.