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Just recently,  Christian Action Network released a Muslims of America terrorist training video that they acquired through an anonymous source. In this video it shows how this particular group is participating in paramilitary style training on their compound in Hancock, New York, and across the country in over three dozen camps. The type of training that is going on in this tape is very disturbing and down right alarming.  Just another example why we all should be concerned about the direction that this country is taking.

What in the world does Homeland Security need 400 million rounds of ammunition, and of all things to supply their Customs and Enforcement (ICE) division? Why would that department need 400 million rounds of ammo for the next five years? You can rule out the possibility of needing those rounds for practice because the loads that Winchester is going to manufacture for them is 40 cal. 135-grain, hollow point bullets. These particular rounds are not normally used for practicing, and are considered to be very expensive to purchase. Most people use, for target practice, a full metal jacket which is a lot more cheap to make and buy. It sounds like to me that the government is stock piling ammo for a different reason. You can bet that what ever the justification may be, it probably isn’t a good one.  More than likely it is not intended to be used for shooting illegals coming across our border. Protecting our borders seems to be last on their to-do list.


Just recently RAND Corporation, a research arm of the U. S. military, released a study titled A Stability Police Force For The United States: Justification And Creating U. S. Capabilities. In this research RAND concluded that this new force would be a hybrid between law enforcement and military. They would create this new force from within the U. S  Marshal Service. Their role in the Marshal Service would be as stated in the study, “in a range of tasks such as crowd and riot control, special weapons and tactics (SWAT), and investigations of organized criminal groups”.  In the RAND study the size of the unit would be relatively small somewhere around the range of two-6,000 personnel.  Yet after further reading the study we find out that this new unit could, as in their words, “could be increased by augmenting it with additional federal, state, or local police from the United States”. Wow, talk about big brother getting even bigger.

The powers that would be given to the Federal government, if this study were to become reality, would be overwhelming and unconstitutional. It is my understanding that for the most part of our country’s history (at least until President Theodore Roosevelt Supreme Court corrupted a time long understanding of State rights over Federal rights) as stated in Wikipedia, “…. Congress has limited powers granted in the Constitution, the Federal government does not have a general police power, as the states do. The exceptions are laws regarding Federal property and the military. On the other hand, Congress was granted by the New Deal Court a broad quasi-police authority from its power to regulate interstate commerce and raise and spend revenue.” So much for the 10th Amendment which basically guarantees the powers that were not granted to the federal government were therefore given to the states. Establishing a police force was never granted to the Federal Government. That power was considered best to be given to states and their local officials. In September 17, 1997  Congressman Ron Paul stated in his speech to the House Speaker in the House of Representatives in Congress over the recent broadening powers given to the Federal Government that,” Under the constitution, there was never meant to be a Federal police force. Even an FBI limited only to investigations was not accepted until this century.” It was the intentions of our founders to limit the power of government to create a more free society.

What, if anything, does the government or the Obama Administration, hope to achieve in creating such a powerful police? One can only be reminded about what Germany did before World War II. Tell me if this does not give you a moment of pause. First, in order to get Germany out of a financial depression, Hitler quickly past legislation that gave his government power to take over the banking system. Next, Hitler lead the government to take over most of Germany’s industrial industries in hopes to lessen the unemployment rate.  Last, but not least, Hitler took over all police powers in the country and created the Gestapo. By doing this Hitler guaranteed  his grasp over his country and the Nazi Party began its long, but failed, crusade in taking over the world.   I hope that history does not repeat itself since it does cause quite a mess.

RAND Corporation Blueprint for Militarized “Stability Police Force”

A Federal Police Force Is Unconstitutional

(Insert Superman Theme Song Here) It's SUPERGORE!!!

Al Gore is for sure something else, although, my term of choice would not be near the same as his own. First he was a statesman, then came the politician. Next thing we know he is supposedly the “father of the internet”. Shortly there after he is a world renown scientist and prophet. Now he is a poet. I guess, in his eyes, he is the closest thing the liberals can get to a renaissance man. Check out his “fine” poetry here.

District 22 Congressional candidate Lieutenant Colonel West is on fire! His conviction, beliefs, and lack of teleprompter are quite impressive and inspirational. I wish he was more publicly recognized during the 2008 elections and that we could have more candidates like him.

russian bomber

TU95 Russian Bomber

Here we go again, another Russian Bomber flying over international waters in the Pacific. On November 12, 2009 two Russian Tu-95 Bear strategic bombers were performing a routine patrol over the Pacific Ocean. Two NATO F-15 fighter jets shadowed the two Russian bombers for over 15 hours. Ever since August 2007 Russia, then under President Putin, began to resume bomber patrols over international waters. Such a move has not been done since the fall of the old Soviet Union back in the early 90’s.

What purpose does Russia think that flying bombers in international air space might do for their country?  Is Russia trying to jump-start a new cold war with the West? I thought that both our countries had finally put that beside us and become peaceful allies. Maybe right now is not the time for  President Barak Obama to be pursuing a peaceful disarmament of our nuclear arsenal with a country that for now is not really show an interest in being very peaceful with us.

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I don’t know about you, but I have found the build-up of China’s military to be quite alarming. To


4 Chinese Navy Destroyers

further my fears a U.S. Admiral in command of the U.S.S. George Washington strike group in the Pacific admitted to A.P. that he too finds China’s recent purchases of military hardware very questionable too. In the article to A.P. Admiral Donegan stated concerns in China’s use of such a military. The Admiral also did not rule out the possibility that China may be requiring an aircraft carrier. Although his main concern right now is the anti-weapons systems that China is now acquiring. These systems include missiles and submarines that may pose a serious  risk to our armed forces in the region.

With China becoming a growing economic power it should not be a surprise that they would pursue an interest in increasing the power in the region. Annually, it has been reported by the experts in the A.P. that China has been spending 10 percent of the country’s wealth for the past 2 decades for their military. Officials figure that China spends about $71 billion a year on their armed forces, but some experts believe that they spend a lot more than that.

This surely is not a time for the United States to turn a blind eye to what China is doing.  We should not be engaged in a process of disarming our own military or our nuclear deterrent capabilities, but instead growing our military might. Must I remind you that a strong communist threat like China in the region would most likely pose a serious  threat to freedom and democracy in the Asia/Pacific region and our own country.  Some people say that our hands are tied due to all the financial help that we have received from the Chinese. That should not stop us. My fellow Americans if that is the case then we are already doomed, however, I for one do not believe that. We can still stop this; by lowering or getting rid of our capital gains and corporate taxes, stopping our over spending in Washington and at home, and make it more acceptable  for companies to stop sending American manufacturing jobs overseas. Our food, household produces, electronics, and military weapons should be produced mainly in the U.S., not in another country. I am not trying to say that we should become an isolationist country, but we should be producing a lot more for ourselves. A person or country who depends on others to supply them with everything they need is weak and helpless.  I for one do not consider myself nor my country helpless.


I don’t know about you, but this really makes me believe that there really is something out there.

First video shows Marines on patrol in Iraq spotting some kind of horizontal light in the sky that they can not make out.  Before you view this I have to warn you that some of the soldiers are using some words that might be offensive.

UFOs Sighted By Marines In Iraq: Just incredible, unaltered footage!

UFO Footage From Iraq Soldiers: Strange lights seen in the sky over Iraq through night vision camera. VERY eye-opening!

There is no doubt that this strange rain fell on the small U.S. town in the Northwest, however, is it really an indication of germ warfare? According to the video below, in 1994 in the town of Oakville Washington a gelatinous rain came down for the first time as reported by local police. The substance found contained white blood cells, and was sent in for testing. The public tests and a private lab discovered that is was teaming with live bacteria. Shortly after this rain fell, many of the residents became very ill and a lot of animals also died.

There are now suspicions of biological weapon testing in Oakville Washington, but the military denies any involvement in the mysterious rain that fell in this small town. And for that matter, any weapons using weather control at all. But there are those who do argue those claims. Could this be an unfortunate event of contaminated water having been evaporated and happening to come down on Oakville?

In addition, some are also linking this incident to the now publicized outbreak of dangerous respiratory pneumonia in the Ukraine and Romania in the past few months that has caused a very high death toll. People are connecting them as germ warfare having been tested for the past 15 years or more and that now this respiratory pneumonia is a bio weapon as well. Of course there is no verification in these stories, no military coming forward from any country, no terrorist cell taking responsibility, and no concrete evidence to really support any of the claims.

It is a sad situation, that unknown and unexpected disease comes about in our world. But I feel it is just that, a freak coincidence that happens to effect human health in a dramatic way. I have seen evidence of weather control weapons and the “proof” has yet to convince me that it is very advanced or that it’s used to spread disease. I am more apt to believe that someone would release a disease such as we are seeing in the Ukraine and Romania through contact or injection, rather than the intentional distribution of bacteria through rain. Is it possible? Yes, it probably is in the future, but I really do not think we have advanced to that point as of yet. But this is just my opinion. May God bless and heal those who have been afflicted with these and all other diseases regardless of their origin.

soldierhugI thought this was a very well written and touching poem by one of our U.S. soldiers so I wanted to share it with everyone.






Why We Fight

The protesters asked me,

when I put my bags on the plane.

“Why do you fight? All soldiers are the same!

There is no reason to go to war,

we think it is unfair.

There is no reason to go and die,

No reason for us to pretend to care.”

Their words strike me to the bone,

as I turn and look them in the eyes.

“I would love to be at home,

but I fight so you can believe in your lies.”

They stared at me shocked,

their flags dropping low,

as I told them a story,

One that very few people know.

I fight so they can say those things,

Their words that hurt me so.

Because if I don’t play my part,

who else will have to go?

I don’t do it for the glory,

because there is none to be found,

I don’t do it for the money,

I do it for my friend on the ground.

A bullet has punctured his shoulder,

he holds out his trembling hand.

He asks me to write home,

and slips me his wedding band.

We fight so you don’t have too,

as you all go about your way.

We fight so you can go to work

and sit in an office all day.

We fight for all the mothers,

who’s children lie in the Earth.

We fight for all the children,

who’s fathers missed their birth.

War is never pretty, and it is seldom ever kind.

But I’ll grab my gun and fight,

to protect any friend of mine.

So before you say that you don’t care,

that all soldiers are the same,

think about what you do,

before you place the blame.

You think that we shouldn’t be here,

that nothing will ever change,

look into a soldier’s eyes,

as they point their weapon down range.

We do it to protect you,

because there are things that you don’t know.

There is more than things that bump in the night

and that is the reason why I have to go.

By Lady Wolf

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