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There is no doubt that this strange rain fell on the small U.S. town in the Northwest, however, is it really an indication of germ warfare? According to the video below, in 1994 in the town of Oakville Washington a gelatinous rain came down for the first time as reported by local police. The substance found contained white blood cells, and was sent in for testing. The public tests and a private lab discovered that is was teaming with live bacteria. Shortly after this rain fell, many of the residents became very ill and a lot of animals also died.

There are now suspicions of biological weapon testing in Oakville Washington, but the military denies any involvement in the mysterious rain that fell in this small town. And for that matter, any weapons using weather control at all. But there are those who do argue those claims. Could this be an unfortunate event of contaminated water having been evaporated and happening to come down on Oakville?

In addition, some are also linking this incident to the now publicized outbreak of dangerous respiratory pneumonia in the Ukraine and Romania in the past few months that has caused a very high death toll. People are connecting them as germ warfare having been tested for the past 15 years or more and that now this respiratory pneumonia is a bio weapon as well. Of course there is no verification in these stories, no military coming forward from any country, no terrorist cell taking responsibility, and no concrete evidence to really support any of the claims.

It is a sad situation, that unknown and unexpected disease comes about in our world. But I feel it is just that, a freak coincidence that happens to effect human health in a dramatic way. I have seen evidence of weather control weapons and the “proof” has yet to convince me that it is very advanced or that it’s used to spread disease. I am more apt to believe that someone would release a disease such as we are seeing in the Ukraine and Romania through contact or injection, rather than the intentional distribution of bacteria through rain. Is it possible? Yes, it probably is in the future, but I really do not think we have advanced to that point as of yet. But this is just my opinion. May God bless and heal those who have been afflicted with these and all other diseases regardless of their origin.

First of all, we apologize for the lack of postings the past couple of days. Having three sick children (8 year old twin boys and a 4 year old daughter), whether it is the common cold or swine flu, is a time-consuming event for any family. We will be picking the pace back up though now that the kids seem to be more themselves and providing we don’t come down with it next.

Like most parents, as soon as we started hearing about the H1N1 virus we immediately began our research to be sure we could provide the best course of action for our family. This proved to be more difficult than expected. The H1N1 virus became quickly politicized and passed through the mass media as if it were a new plague. Within a few months the word pandemic was being used by the CDC and vaccination production had begun. The producers of the swine flu vaccine had restrictions on time and testing lifted in the effort to get it on the market as quickly as possible.

This concerned us greatly, how could we begin to understand the possible risks of a vaccination pushed through so fast? I don’t think we can, and after all the research we decided it would not be the right choice for our family to get the H1N1 vaccine. (Go to the Health category of this blog for information on what we found in our research.) But, even after this decision, there was still the anticipation of what will happen if our children became infected. I heard so many in panic because the vaccine was delayed and they just didn’t know what they would do without it. We turned to prayer at that time, and just days later our three children became ill almost simultaneously.

On Saturday one of our kids were complaining of a sore throat, slight cough, and runny nose. So, not wanting to over react, we treated him with cold medication that night and Sunday. By Sunday night the other two children had come down with coughs, sore throat, and fevers. And come Monday morning all three kids had coughs, sore throats, fevers between 101-103, runny noses, and just a ton of moaning and groaning about their misery. Like anyone would, by then, we made appointments for them to all see the pediatrician.

The pediatrician took strep throat samples as well as samples for testing for the H1N1 influenza virus. To our surprise, all of the children tested positive for both! The pediatrician said that she would question it had it taken 10 minutes to get a positive, but the results became evident in less than 2 minutes. We were then given prescriptions for antibiotics and Tamiflu all around. This was proving to be an expensive little bug. However, we would get what ever we had to make our little angels feel better.

That first night was probably the worst. We had some trouble keeping two of our three children’s fevers down, but after ibuprofen and baths it was under control. One of our boys has asthma and he had to take his inhaler 2 times. The long acting cough medicine managed their coughs nearly the entire night, although they did get some doses in between. Then we just made sure they got their prescription medications as ordered and kept up with the ibuprofen and cough medicine through the next 2 days. Our child with asthma only used his inhaler a total of 4 times though, which his reaction with his asthma was a big concern of ours in the beginning.

All in all, they were all acting mostly normal by day 3 and completely normal by day 4 (yesterday). Our run in with H1N1 and strep throat at the same time was far milder than we would have ever thought possible. It was definitely less severe than the seasonal flu and did not have as bad of an effect on our son with asthma as we anticipated. The best news, according to theory they will not get it again this season. But judging from the mildness of our experience, I do not foresee us ever being overly concerned about this illness and our family members in the future.

I know there have been deaths linked to this illness. Everyone reacts differently to all viruses, and influenza is not the only virus that can result in death. Proper precautions should always be taken and you should go to the doctor right away if influenza of any strain is suspected. I am so thankful that we did not have complications with H1N1 or strep throat in our children the past week and I pray that we will not in the days to come. My heart goes out to those who have suffered hardships due to any illness. The intent of this post is to give some insight into what happened in a normal family that came down with this virus so that others may know what to expect and to help them make informed decisions.

*As I have stated in previous H1N1 articles, I am in no way shape or form telling anyone to not get the vaccination or to not take proper hygienic precautions to keep themselves from getting this virus and others.*

The H1N1 virus has been hitting the public schools and colleges around the United States somewhat hard already this fall. And being a parent myself, I know how unnerving all of this “swine flu” information can be. As with any influenza virus, it is not something to mess around with. However, I do feel that it is being blown a bit out of proportion. I have been told by several close friends that are practicing doctors that the H1N1 virus is not as serious in typical cases as the usual seasonal flu that we are vaccinated for each year. The mortality rate is significantly lower with the H1N1 virus, and lasting effects seem so far to be minimal as well.
This has also been reported by several health organizations such as the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), as seen in this report It is also now being reported that WHO health officials are admitting that the virus has not mutated into a more severe strain. Even as recent as September 24 at a press conference in Geneva, WHO Director of the Initiative for Vaccine Research, Dr Marie-Paule Kieny stated that “we are lucky that the pandemic is moderate in severity that most people experience a mild illness and recover spontaneously.”

It seems like such a little thing to make such a huge fuss and spend billions of dollars in getting largely untested vaccines out to the whole world. In my opinion, your best defense is still the basics. Wash your hands several times a day, especially after using the restroom and before eating or coming home from the store. Avoid large crowds when possible, and keep away from those who are suspected to have any form of illness. I like to carry the anti bacterial hand gel around so we can sanitize our hands as soon as we leave high traffic places or in case we run into the occasional public restroom out of hand soap.

Sources: (reports on WHO officials’ quotes on H1N1 severity)

Also, although there are some articles posted in which I do not share the same view point, there is a continuous flow of H1N1 information on this site:

In the eyes of my parents and my grand parents, friends and neighbors I am not very old. And from my elders points of view I am sure the technological advances have been even more profound. But even through my eyes I can see my children’s world and future being quite different from my own due to technology. So here is a list of sorts as to what I have seen different, good and bad, for the youth of today and our future adults. It mostly has to do with computers, video games, and cell phones. The rest branches off of those three categories.

My Top 3:

1. Video Games

Video Games came out around the time I was in elementary school. And I got a Nintendo when I was in 4th grade. Sure it was a lot of fun, but nothing could top being outside with my friends come sun, rain, or snow. In fact, it didn’t even top having my friends over to play in the house with my toys.

Now I see in the vast majority of upper elementary school aged children on up that video games are a top priority. When my kids save up their allowance one of the first things on their list is a video game. As soon as homework is done, they want to play video games. And when their friends come over to “play”, guess what, they want to play video games.

Of course if it is nice out they get pushed out the door. And we now have what we call “game days” which is 3 days a week for 2 hours on each of those days. But my goodness, most of my friends and neighbors do not do this and I wonder to what extent kids now miss out on childhood due to the video game craze.


One of the best technological advances has been computers. Grant it they have been along for a while now, but when I was in elementary school we were just starting to get a few in the library. We would go and learn a few typing lessons on them, a math “game”, and once in a while we got to play one of the Atari-esc games once a month or so.

We didn’t have one at home until I was in 8th grade and we were a fairly well off upper middle class family. Even then, I just used it to type up school papers because the internet took so long it was a complete waste of time.

Now, it is common place for nearly every US home to have a computer with high speed internet access, and the same goes for every classroom. In some high schools the students are even assigned laptops. This is good for the most part. But does it take away the ability to physically write a term paper on your own? Or go to the local library and do research without the aid of the internet? I think it does. Why even go to the library when there are more than enough resources at your finger tips right in your own room at home? I wonder if writing and research without the aid of a computer will become a lost art.

3. Cell Phones

I for one can not believe that we lived without cell phones. I would be an absolute basket case not being able to reach anyone when I am out and about. The possibility of a flat tire, or emergency with no way to contact is just chilling. Oh, wait, weren’t there those big boxes everywhere called Pay Phones? Is it just me or have these just about completely disappeared?

Cell phones are a wonderful contribution to society for the most part. But now we have everything else on these little phones too. The internet on the phones is kind of nice, but what about when we are driving? Almost every time I see someone doing something stupid in their car they have a cell phone in their hands.

And then there is text messaging. I can see how this can come in handy, although I have never taken to it. To be able to just jot down to your spouse “Pick up milk”, or “Meeting at 9am”, would be useful. However, what about these parents who give their teens cell phones with Text Messaging capabilities? Some of these teens are sitting right by their parents texting obscene messages or planning parties using what they call “short hand” and none would be the wiser.

The Rest:

4. Internet

It has been a blessing and a nightmare all in one. With the above mention of lack of needing to research outside of home, there is also the issue of privacy. It has allowed for a dramatic increase in identity theft. It is also making newspapers nearly obsolete, and made pornography accessible to even a 7 year old. But, heaven knows I couldn’t keep on top of my bills without it.

5. GPS

I can foresee the need for knowing how to read a map and geographical knowledge going out the door. When you have a road atlas and a GPS which one are you more likely to use? One day I will probably get out my map and my kids will say, “Mom, just use the GPS.” It may even put an end to using Map Quest.

6. Proper Spelling and Grammar

I suppose this could go into the “Computer” category, but I think it is important enough to have its own. With everything we do being on the computer and all of the programs having their own spelling and grammar checks, it will soon be a rare thing to find someone that can write on their own and have little to no mistakes.

7. 35mm Camera Film

Almost everywhere is going to digital developing now. If you have a camera that take 35mm film, you may want to consider investing in a digital. I went to Walgreen’s to have some old film I found developed and they said I would have to send it away because no one does in-store film developing anymore! Not to mention, photo albums are almost a thing of the past with most of us storing all our photos online or on our computer itself.

8. Phone Books

This may be just me, but I have noticed that lately I rarely pick up my phone books. They sit on top of my refrigerator to only be moved to the garbage when a new one comes the following year. This is because I have gotten to where I just type in what I need to find on the internet and…there it is. So, I think phone books may not have such a bright future.

9. News Papers

I have quite a few friends that have been laid off of news paper printing company jobs lately. I think a lot of it is due to the vast amount of news we can access on the internet. Why read one partisan news paper when you can have access to many?

10. Innocence

With the desensitization of our children and teenagers through television, internet, text messaging, and video games; we can see the innocence of youth slipping away at younger and younger ages. I see young children in rate R movies, playing rated M video games, and watching horror films on TV. Is it any wonder we have children getting pregnant at 12 years old? Doing drugs at 10? Or does it really take a lot of thought to figure out why they are joining gangs, running away from home, having ambitions of being porn stars? No, of course not, when you take a step back a see that we are letting their childhood slip away into a world of electronic violence and indecency completely unsupervised and guided it is to be expected.

Is debilitating or lethal side effects in every 1 out of 100,000 a small enough number to make you feel safe getting the “swine flu” vaccination? Does the possibility of 30,000 Americans dying from a vaccination in which they hoped would protect them sound justifiable? These are questions that are becoming very personal to each and every informed person in the world. At what point do we see the benefits out weighing the risks? The H1N1 mortality rate is about 2.3%. And the vaccination mortality rate is yet to be determined. It has not been out long enough to really know. But it has been assumed by the CDC that 30,000 Americans will die from the vaccination and that is possibly a low estimate. So, like I said, it is a very personal question as to what you consider the safer option for you and your family. The risk of getting the swine flu in which only 2.3% could die from, or the risk of getting the vaccination with the possibility of 1 (or more) in 100,000 suffering debilitating or lethal side effects.

The reason I feel that we are getting conflicting information from the CDC, WHO, and everywhere else is that here we have information like that contained in the first article below about the risks of the vaccination. And then we have everything else around us saying how great the vaccination is and how everyone is urged to receive it. This is even though we hear yet more conflicting information from people such as Doctor George Hossfeld of the University of Illinois hospital, who stated to the Chicago Flame, “I’ve seen Swine Flu Epidemic #1 (1976, under President Gerald Ford) and Swine Flu Epidemic #2 (2009, under President Barak Obama). Both times America spent billions of dollars and killed more people with the treatments than the disease.”

I suppose we will just keep watching as this evolves to see what the possible side effects really turn out to be and to see if the H1N1 virus really becomes as big of a threat as we have been lead to believe. In the mean time, look for signs of the virus in your area becoming more wide spread and simply avoid contact with large crowds, wash hands frequently, and if you feel it becomes necessary, wear masks.

Resources Sited:

I like to have all sides of the news so that I can find the actual truth. Well, here is a wonderful website that posts just about EVERYTHING you can think of regarding the swine flu. There is a mass amount of information that everyone, whether you have made up your mind or not to get the H1N1 vaccination, should know.

Recent Articles from The Flu Case that caught my interest:

  • US government officials appear to be unaware of WHO’s extraordinary powers in a pandemic “emergency”
  • WHO claims “swine flu” spreading at “unbelievable, almost unheard of speed” without any data
  • US Health Secretary ignores risks of swine flu jab in dash to vaccinate all Americans by Thanksgiving

It seems every time we turn around the past few weeks there is more news about the swine flu (H1N1 Virus) and the terrible repercussions of not taking action against it. It is hard to know who to believe and what course of action to take. I for one say to monitor all situations, assess the risks, and act according to what you feel is in your best interest. I have through much digging found that the H1N1 virus may not be as ominous as we are being led to believe. And the actual crisis being somewhat ignored is the increase in worldwide poverty and war. We hear the economy is doing better, things are looking up, we have began to pull out of Iraq and other areas our military have been occupying. But the truth is that violence has been mounting in the middle east, Russia has been up to some pretty questionable acts, and the economy around the world is not doing well at all.

The article below has a lot of valuable information regarding the virus and possible actions taken by the government in reaction to the pandemic. One that really stuck out to me and was alarming stated:

“Based on the model’s “predictions”, mass vaccination of half of the US population is required, with the possible provision for quarantines under civilian and/or military jurisdiction. In the case of the United Kingdom, confirmed by British press reports, the government has predicted a rising death toll requiring the provision of mass graves.”

This is just a small portion of the information contained in the link below. It also speaks of doctors being threatened if they reveal the manipulated data. As I said before, just take in all the information you can and act accordingly. If a month or two passes with no really safety issues arising from the vaccines then consider taking it just as a precaution as with any other vaccine, but don’t readily believe everything you hear from the mainstream media. There are other issues out there not being addressed that need to have a lot more attention than this virus so far.

Related Links:

Although the research is still in progress, there are some diseases that seem to have a good reaction to the mixture of honey and cinnamon. It is possible that this homeopathic therapy can cure things such as heart disease, obesity, bladder infections, and more. The healing properties have shown so far to be as effective or possibly more effective than your average drugs. Definitely something to look into anyways. Check it out in the article link below!

As I have said before, I am no doctor, and I am not telling you to not take the vaccine, but I just think that this H1N1 virus is being blown a little out of proportion. It definitely has the potential to mutate as we saw it went from being only transferable between swine to being transferred to people, and then from person to person. However, I will say it again, the mortality ratios are really not all that impressive when compared to the typical flu viruses. The CDC and governments across the world seem very anxious to push this vaccine through quickly. Which I do understand, but am also concerned over the lack of research on the effects of it. The vaccination that was created in 1976 did cause more people to die than the actual virus itself. And I wonder if that could be the case again. Most warnings are coming from neurologists and the Health Protection Authority saying to be on watch for an increase of Guillian-Barre syndrome. I hope since it is now 2009 and technology has come a ways that it will be different, but I would not be running up as one of the volunteers. I just urge everyone to see what happens in the next month or so before having yourself and your family vaccinated for H1N1.

This opinion is based on the following articles:

Around 1200 veterans across the country recently received a letter from the Veterans Administration falsely telling them that they had a fatal neurological disease.  Panicked veterans from across the country notified National Gulf War Resource Center, who in turn notified the VA of the mistake. The VA blamed it on a coding error. Add this to another long list of complaints that our veterans have against this government ran health care program, and it is no wonder why so many Americans do not want national health care ran by our government.

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