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I just thought I would share this post with everyone. I have felt for quite some time that hyphens, while in a sense keep culture, also have been used to create a feeling of separation. In a true patriots eye’s we are all Americans! And given the recent references to those opposing the current administration as being “racist”, I feel this is a wonderful attitude that Lloyd Marcus is spreading. He states, “I am NOT an African American. I am Lloyd Marcus…AMERICAN!” Of course you should always honor your heritage, but to put the hyphens in front of American does feel like a wedge in the sense of pride for your country. I truly enjoyed the moment that he had at a tea party with an American family of Asian decent. I hope this message continues to spread. Here is the article:

Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana proposes a plan that would make health insurance mandatory with possible fines of up to $3800 for anyone who does not have health coverage. What ever happened to the land of the free? Why do our politicians feel the need to make the American people be forced to do something that they may or may not want to do? We all know that the reason that America’s heath care is in a bind has very little to do with people not having medical care and more to do with a number of other factors such as outrageous law suits, unnecessary defensive medicine, and over whelming use of our ERs by illegal immigrants. Simply put, making health care insurance mandatory will do nothing in curving the cost crisis that we face in our nations health care system.



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