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What in the world does Homeland Security need 400 million rounds of ammunition, and of all things to supply their Customs and Enforcement (ICE) division? Why would that department need 400 million rounds of ammo for the next five years? You can rule out the possibility of needing those rounds for practice because the loads that Winchester is going to manufacture for them is 40 cal. 135-grain, hollow point bullets. These particular rounds are not normally used for practicing, and are considered to be very expensive to purchase. Most people use, for target practice, a full metal jacket which is a lot more cheap to make and buy. It sounds like to me that the government is stock piling ammo for a different reason. You can bet that what ever the justification may be, it probably isn’t a good one.  More than likely it is not intended to be used for shooting illegals coming across our border. Protecting our borders seems to be last on their to-do list.



Taxpayers stormed Washington, D.C. yesterday in record numbers. Fed up with overspending, and fear of the government taking over health care, protesters came in from all around the country to let political leaders in Washington know that they simply had enough. The number of supporters that came range from the thousands, ten thousand, to 2 million as reported by the London Daily Mail. What ever the number is you can surely see by the over view pictures (courtesy of World Net Daily) that this was no small crowd.

Miraculously, the White House stated that they were unaware of the rally, and that President was out of town in Minneapolis, Minnesota to promote his health care plans.  Isn’t that interesting? We all know that he knew that there was going to be a rally, but like always he decided to avoid listening to the other side. I must say that out of all my years of being interested in politics I have never seen such a partisan president as I have seen in President Obama.  Both President Bush and President Clinton always showed signs of not only listening to the other side, but even compromising when need. Obama stated that his door is always open, but he has not had a meeting with political leaders of the Republican Party since April and has avoided requests to do so since then. Simple put, the Democrats have basically shut the door to the Republicans on this and many other issues.

This attitude that the Democrats are displaying, will no doubt hurt them in the next coming elections in 2010. Hopefully, Republicans can undo most of the damage that the liberals are doing to our great nation.



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