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First we see numerous evidence of schools indoctrinating children to love President Obama and his political policies, now the children are being USED for propaganda. CNN aired children singing a very politically driven song promoting Obamacare agenda. Talk about making your stomach turn! It makes me sick how kids are being manipulated to push government run health care.

Other Youth Indoctrination Videos:

Kindergartners Taught to Praise Obama

Kids Made To Chant Change Has Come

Election Propaganda for Obama Using Children

Since there has been such a great deal of coverage on this already, and it is only the morning after, I am going to make my comments brief and focused on my opinion. I feel the proposed “alternatives” to the public option suggested by Obama and the other democrats is still unacceptable. It will still put the government in control of health care, which they do not have any business doing. It will eventually lead to putting the private insurance companies out of business and leave the people with the only choice of having the government run health care. Not to mention the financial burden that it will place on the US on top of an already astronomically steep debt. The better and more economically sound options would be medical lawsuit liability reform, interstate insurance options, health care tax breaks, and other simple measures to make private insurance more affordable. As for those who can not provide private insurance for themselves, that is already covered by the state in which they live. But, this is my opinion, here is the information to make your own:

This is a direct link to the script of the speech Obama gave to Congress on health care 09/09/09:

Here is a video of Congressman Joe Wilson yelling “You lie!” when Obama said that government health care would not cover illegal immigrants:

And this is an article from the Wall Street Journal that has a list of eight things that can be done to improve health care costs without adding to the deficit (perhaps we should send a copy to congress?):

Have you ever wondered about what our country is going to do with all those illegal aliens that have entered our country once Obama’s health care plan goes into effect? Well, the answer is to, if the Democrats have their way, insure them. Yes, you heard me right, not too long ago Georgia Rep. Nathan Deal tried to pass an amendment that would have required the states to verify citizenship to every individual before enrolling them in “Obamacare.” The Democrats were outraged and narrowly defeated this amendment 29-28.

With 20% of the uninsured in this country not actually being legal American citizens it is no wonder our health care system is in the kind of trouble that it is in now. Anyways, this opinion is based on the article below and I thought that you might get a kick out of it:

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