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Around 1200 veterans across the country recently received a letter from the Veterans Administration falsely telling them that they had a fatal neurological disease.  Panicked veterans from across the country notified National Gulf War Resource Center, who in turn notified the VA of the mistake. The VA blamed it on a coding error. Add this to another long list of complaints that our veterans have against this government ran health care program, and it is no wonder why so many Americans do not want national health care ran by our government.

The Lockerbie Bomber, also known as Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, was convicted of bombing the Pan Am Flight 103 on December 21, 1988. He is responsible for the deaths of 270 innocent people. In my opinion, he is no better than any other murderer. And now, because he has terminal prostrate cancer, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is allowing his release to go and die in his homeland “on compassionate grounds.” This is hardly fair to the victims and their families! They did not get any last moments with their loved ones, or die in the comfort of their own surroundings. Instead it was in a firy hot airplane as it was blown to pieces by this man or by the remains of the jet crashing down on them. So why should his fate be anything less? I think he should have been put to death, but at the very least, he should die in prison.

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Why are the Russians patrolling subs of our East Coast? I thought that we are friends now that Obama is our President.  I thought that he was suppose to bring united and peace with our world neighbors.

This is sure starting to look fishy.  What does Putin have up his sleeve? Please feel free to comment.


I am by no means a doctor, or affiliated with any health organization. However, I can’t help but be a little alarmed by the sudden fear of the swine flu (H1N1) pandemic. Yes, it spread quickly and it may mutate this fall. But from what we have seen the vaccination is actually causing more deaths in a ratio aspect than the actual illness. I believe the talk of pushing the vaccination is with good intentions, but has it really been researched enough to be so widely distributed? I have a good friend that is a doctor and when the news of the swine flu had first come out had told me not to really worry about it because the mortality rate was actually lower than the typical flu virus that we have the option of being vaccinated for yearly. I am not going to immediately subject myself and my family to the H1N1 vaccination until I know more. It just seems more risky than to actually get the virus itself. What do you think?

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Although I personally would not carry an assault riffle to a rally or protest of any kind, he was not breaking any laws in his state. The reason being, the state has the authority to put on or take away gun restrictions, and in AZ it is legal. Now would the President being there trump the state law? I do not think it would because of what I said previously, the states are given that right to regulate firearms through the Constitution. This man, although an extremely bold example, did no wrong. I think that some people would use an example like this to express their freedom of gun ownership and carrying no matter what. It is in a way fueling the fire for those against guns, and it should be taken in a somewhat less combative manner in these types of events. There are just so many that are fed up with being told by the liberal elite and their followers that there right to protect themselves should be handed over to the government along with everything else that this type of display may become more frequent.

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Should law abiding citizens be allowed to carry firearms on federal parks such as Yellowstone National Park? A bill President Obama signed in May gives the go ahead for those who are licensed gun owners the right to carry weapons on federal land as long as the state on which the land presides says it is okay. This law will go into effect next February. I see nothing wrong with people who are law abiding citizens to be allowed to carry a weapon in these parks. With the upward climb of animal related attacks and deaths through out the parks, it is about time the government allows the people to have a chance to defend themselves and their loved ones. Do I support special training in order to be allowed to do this? I don’t see why not; a well informed and well trained citizen is a responsible citizen.

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