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Just recently,  Christian Action Network released a Muslims of America terrorist training video that they acquired through an anonymous source. In this video it shows how this particular group is participating in paramilitary style training on their compound in Hancock, New York, and across the country in over three dozen camps. The type of training that is going on in this tape is very disturbing and down right alarming.  Just another example why we all should be concerned about the direction that this country is taking.

The world has always known that Al Qaeda has had something up their uh, behinds, about the western world for quite some time. But their latest technique for getting bombs past security is alarmingly scary. They are so desperate to kill that they have now resorted to putting plastic explosives inside their rectum that can be remotely detonated by devices such as cell phones. This is not likely to be detected by the security systems now in place at airports and government facilities because the mechanical equipment is more focused on the detection of explosives on the outside of the body, inside cases, or underneath clothing.
This real stink bomb may gain popularity due to its undetectability and as described by Northeast Intelligence Network, “Also, as our domestic security continues to rely more on mechanical equipment instead of the more effective profiling due to the objections by Islamic advocacy groups and civil rights organizations, expect this technique to gain popularity among the more determined.” This will surely change the mood at the drawing of straws during future Al Qaeda meetings as well as making quite the impact on their chosen “martyr”.


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