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Here we go again, another enemy of the U.S. getting support from Russia to develop nuclear power. Except this time the country is much closer to our shores. Venezuela’s dictator, Hugo Chavez, said the other day that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin agreed to help Venezuela’s nuclear energy program during a meeting in Moscow last week. Of coarse Chavez stated that their goal of nuclear power is just for peaceful purposes and not to build a bomb. Isn’t that what both North Korea and Iran said? With North Korea threatening a third nuclear explosion test and Iran having enough low-enriched uranium to produce one nuclear weapon, stated by a senior U.S. diplomat in The Washington Post, one could only wonder what would happen if Chavez could get his hands on that same kind of material. What would he do with it? He claims that it would be for peace energy purposes, but with his hatred for the U.S. and its’ allies in South America one could only assume that he would use such power to inflict his will on all the countries around the region.

Also, what in the world is Russia up to? For the past eight years Russia has done a lot of supporting most of the U.S.’s enemies around the world. Supplying them with weapons that could help them in defending their countries against American attack or voting against U.S. led UN sanctions in the Security Counsel against countries like Iran. Not to mention Russia patrolling with nuclear-powered attack subs off our eastern seaboard. Why do they need to do that, if we are supposed to have a good diplomatic relationship? Do they want to go back to the way things were during the Cold War? Or are they planning something more sinister? One can only wonder.


Why are the Russian officials giving out limited information regarding the disappearance and recapture of this vessel?  Could this be some sort of  Russian cover-up? Could some in the Russian government be conspiring with terrorist states, shipping goods (nuclear or biological weapons, firearms) to the sponsored states. With Russia helping Iran develop nuclear energy along with giving them other weapons it sure does make one wonder what is really going on. If Russia is supposed to be our friend again, then why are they sending subs to our east coast and making it look as if they have something to hide. They also support our known enemies such Venezula, Iran, and Syria for example. I know this is speculation, I am NOT saying anything is going on, it is just a little unsettling to see so much questionable activity. (Also see previous post about Russian Subs off the East Coast of Canada and the United States)

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