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Taxpayers stormed Washington, D.C. yesterday in record numbers. Fed up with overspending, and fear of the government taking over health care, protesters came in from all around the country to let political leaders in Washington know that they simply had enough. The number of supporters that came range from the thousands, ten thousand, to 2 million as reported by the London Daily Mail. What ever the number is you can surely see by the over view pictures (courtesy of World Net Daily) that this was no small crowd.

Miraculously, the White House stated that they were unaware of the rally, and that President was out of town in Minneapolis, Minnesota to promote his health care plans.  Isn’t that interesting? We all know that he knew that there was going to be a rally, but like always he decided to avoid listening to the other side. I must say that out of all my years of being interested in politics I have never seen such a partisan president as I have seen in President Obama.  Both President Bush and President Clinton always showed signs of not only listening to the other side, but even compromising when need. Obama stated that his door is always open, but he has not had a meeting with political leaders of the Republican Party since April and has avoided requests to do so since then. Simple put, the Democrats have basically shut the door to the Republicans on this and many other issues.

This attitude that the Democrats are displaying, will no doubt hurt them in the next coming elections in 2010. Hopefully, Republicans can undo most of the damage that the liberals are doing to our great nation.



We have seen the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility everywhere since the election. It has been on everything from the highest ranking media to eBay. And yet no one knows for sure where our President was born. Sure there was the release of a Hawaiian birth certificate. But that did not include the important information, it only contained the “short form”, and as of now, President Obama has refused to release the “long form” of his birth certificate. This is actually the only reason I have personally questioned his birth. He is simply making himself look guilty by not releasing the “long form”, instead it has been taken up by a man by the name of Lucas Smith. Who, although has a criminal history, claims it is because of who he is that he was able to obtain such documentation from the Kenyan government. Not to mention, family of the President saying that he was born in Kenya makes it all that much more questionable.

Evidently what Mr. Smith has is pretty convincing, because a California judge has scheduled a trial for January 26, 2010. The arguments for the case are set to begin on January 11. We have already seen a great deal of coverage on this issue. But I know that is about to go up ten fold. The signs, protests, articles, and demands from the public will more than likely be coming in at even greater amounts than we have seen before. But for those of us who can’t tangibly see the documentation for ourselves we will have to follow all of this media circus from now until then sorting through those who are in it just to support their vote. It should be an interesting ride.

Resource and detailed reporting on Obama Birth Eligibility:

Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana proposes a plan that would make health insurance mandatory with possible fines of up to $3800 for anyone who does not have health coverage. What ever happened to the land of the free? Why do our politicians feel the need to make the American people be forced to do something that they may or may not want to do? We all know that the reason that America’s heath care is in a bind has very little to do with people not having medical care and more to do with a number of other factors such as outrageous law suits, unnecessary defensive medicine, and over whelming use of our ERs by illegal immigrants. Simply put, making health care insurance mandatory will do nothing in curving the cost crisis that we face in our nations health care system.



I am proud of the response we have received in the recent weeks from the government. We, those of a conservative mind set, have been speaking out and making it well known what we will and will not stand for recently. And it seems to have had some effect. At least on the topics of Van Jones’ resignation and the presidential school speech. Having visited the website frequently in the past weeks I had noticed the wording of the activities, questions, and the speech itself changed numerous times. This had caused great concern among conservative parents that there maybe indoctrination included in the speech given to the school children by our President. After all, with the brief but controversial past of President Obama and his administration it is our right to question what would possibly be next.

Of course, there had to be a tidbit about the environment in there as all public education does, as Obama said, “You’ll need the knowledge and problem-solving skills you learn in science and math to cure diseases like cancer and AIDS, and to develop new energy technologies and protect our environment.” And naturally to keep it politically correct, we have to throw in some statements about discrimination and fairness. But all in all, the revised and finished product was one in which I do not have a problem. In fact, I have a favorite quote from the speech. It is, “if you quit on school — you’re not just quitting on yourself, you’re quitting on your country.”

I also liked how he ended it with “God bless you. God bless America.” We all know that if a republican president had said those words the liberals would be all over it screaming “separation between church and state.” But that wouldn’t be good for supporting their choice in presidency, so we won’t be hearing any of that this time. Unlike when President George H.W. Bush gave his school speech and the democrats went crazy with investigations, hearings, accusations, and being denounced by the National Education Association itself.  Yes, we have heard, “You won’t be saying this if it was a republican president.” No, probably not so much, but you (the left) would. Check out this article from The Washington Examiner, When Bush Spoke To Students, Democrats investigated, held hearings, it explains the great lengths the opposition went to denounce President George H.W. Bush’s very similar speech.

I think we can take this two ways. One, is what I mentioned earlier, a victory in having shaped the change in what could have quite possibly been indoctrination (due to the many changes to the curriculum and speech I think it may have been). The second, is to watch for possible future speeches to the youth that may have indoctrination. We can’t let our guard down if there is a second or third speech. We must always be informed as to what is being presented to our children.

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*Chuckle* This should put into perspective the whole “spread the wealth” motto with a lot of democrats these days, including our President.

Spread The Treats Around

As you have probably heard, on September 8, President Barack Obama will become the first President of the United States of America to ever address all the schools of the nation. I for one would not have a problem with this if it was purely to tell them to do well in school, focus on their studies, and other academic related content. However, the outline in the event related guides developed by the US Department of Education suggests otherwise. In fact, it suggests the horrifying possibility of youth indoctrination by presenting questions as quoted from the website:

What is the President trying to tell me?

What is the President asking me to do?

What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?

And that is just a sample few, there are also follow up questions that the teachers are to ask the students which is detailed in the report done by Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin referenced below. It is also stated in the letter to the principles of the schools that children over the age of 13 are encouraged to make their own videos and send them in for prizes. I am guessing this would be over more than just education. I hope I am wrong, but it doesn’t sound like it. The government education website has posted what is supposed to be used as questions and activities during this event here Please be informed of what your child will be hearing at school.

There is quite an up rise, and rightfully so, among parents who have heard about President Obama’s speech. Many are just plain outraged. There are those that are going to have their children stay home or elsewhere to avoid them being exposed to the possible political curriculum and some schools are cooperating. The website reports, “The Houston Independent School District has directed principals to give parents a heads-up if they are planning lessons around President Obama’s speech so parents can opt out their children. Other districts said they would excuse students, though not all plan to send home notes in advance.” If you haven’t already, I would check with the school district to see what you options are if you are opposed to your child viewing this event. Because, as said, not all the schools are sending out notes in advance. Tell your friends and family too, they may be completely unaware of the situation. The problem with this broadcast is the potential that our children can be subjected to possible political ideology against our beliefs completely unchallenged or if they do stand up for their beliefs, it presents the possibility of them facing ridicule from friends and school faculty without support. For now, we will have to wait and see what September the 8th brings our youth’s way while doing what we can to protect them from the possibility of indoctrination.

References Sited:

I support National Keep Your Child At Home Day September 8, 2009!

Mark Lloyd, the newly appointed chief diversity officer at the Federal Communications Commission has an interesting stance on freedom of speech indeed. Although Mark Lloyd has stated that he finds the Fairness Doctrine unnecessary, his comments and previous speeches and writings prove that he does in fact support the overall goals of the Fairness Doctrine though be it through a back door method. Mark Lloyd does in fact support more regulation, more taxes and fines, increased government intervention into the commercial media such as public radio, and more in which he believes asserts diversity. Such as in the Center for America Progress proposal co-authored by Mark Lloyd which said:

“. . . a spectrum use fee should be levied on owners to directly support local, regional, and national public broadcasting. A fee based on a sliding scale (1 percent for small markets, 5 percent for the largest markets) would be distributed directly to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting with clear mandates to support local news and public affairs programming and to cover controversial and political issues in a fair and balanced manner. We estimate that such a fee would net between $100 million and $250 million.”

Mark Lloyd’s more popular public stance is one in which he praises Hugo Chavez. He praises the way that he took over the media and controlled what was once ran by the people of his nation. Lloyd calls Chavez “incredible” and “dramatic.” So, I guess Mark Lloyd is saying he approves of Hugo Chavez forcing private media out of business? It would appear that way. He has made his opinions very clear and even put them into writing as recently as 2006 in his book Prologue to a Farce: Communication and Democracy in America. In that book Lloyd reveals his opinion of the First Amendment (our freedom of speech) by stating this:

“It should be clear by now that my focus here is not freedom of speech or the press. This freedom is all too often an exaggeration. At the very least blind references to freedom of speech or press serves as a distraction from the critical examination of other communication policies. The purpose of free speech is warped to protect global corporations and block rules [by the government], fines, and regulations, that would promote democratic governance.”

Unbelievable! You see, not only does he not hold freedom of speech in any high esteem, but he seeks to do away with it to promote democratic governance. This should alarm you no matter who you are. This isn’t a matter of bipartisanship, it is a matter of telling you what to think. It is a matter of telling you what you can and cannot know. It is EXACTLY the same thing that Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela, the same that Mark Lloyd has praised.

Now, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but this is yet another communist “czar” being put in the White House. Is there anyone else who thinks this is just a little suspicious that all these people being put in are fans of socialism or communism? There are more; John Holdren, Van Jones, and Mark Lloyd are just a couple that I have touched on. I have a great deal of concern for the future of our ability to voice our opinions. I have a great deal of concern for the future of our freedom as a whole. Media has such a big way of reaching out and forming community with others, no matter what your political opinion is, it should never be silenced.


Prologue to a Farce: Communication and Democracy in America by Mark Lloyd

Here’s the link from the Bill Bennett show to sign the “Free Our Health Care Now” Online Petition. When we went on there had already been 1181804 people sign as of August 31. Let’s keep it going up and show that we are the majority!


09/02/09, 1201802 have signed. Keep Em Coming!

09/08/09, 1269814 have signed

09/09/09 (we won’t ever see this date again!), Thought I heard on the Bill Bennett show that 09/08 was the last day to sign, but the link is still working to sign and it is still on his website as well so sign away! Oh, and now it is up to 1290488 at 09:28am ET.

I almost feel bad posting this today, being as Ted Kennedy has just passed on. But had it not been for him passing on, I would not have come upon this. I was researching Senator Kennedy’s past and I found this KGB letter speaking of Kennedy and an offer he gave to them. You will understand after reading it for yourself. Here is the link below:

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