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I just thought I would share this post with everyone. I have felt for quite some time that hyphens, while in a sense keep culture, also have been used to create a feeling of separation. In a true patriots eye’s we are all Americans! And given the recent references to those opposing the current administration as being “racist”, I feel this is a wonderful attitude that Lloyd Marcus is spreading. He states, “I am NOT an African American. I am Lloyd Marcus…AMERICAN!” Of course you should always honor your heritage, but to put the hyphens in front of American does feel like a wedge in the sense of pride for your country. I truly enjoyed the moment that he had at a tea party with an American family of Asian decent. I hope this message continues to spread. Here is the article:

I suppose that Diane Watson should have moved to a communist country a long time ago, because she sure does seem to love all aspects of their way of life. She uses race to draw people in to think that those who oppose President Barack Obama’s policies are not only racist but also anti-American. It sounds to me that it is the other way around. Race has absolutely nothing to do with opposition to a tyrannical government. Diane Watson praises Fidel Castro as “one of the brightest leaders I have ever met.” And loves what he has done with health care (one of the poorest on earth). She leaves a bad taste in my mouth and has no business as a United States official or an official of ANY country wishing to be free. The following article shows the video of her condescending speech and the author of the article makes some excellent points regarding Diane’s rant as well.

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