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TU95 Russian Bomber

Here we go again, another Russian Bomber flying over international waters in the Pacific. On November 12, 2009 two Russian Tu-95 Bear strategic bombers were performing a routine patrol over the Pacific Ocean. Two NATO F-15 fighter jets shadowed the two Russian bombers for over 15 hours. Ever since August 2007 Russia, then under President Putin, began to resume bomber patrols over international waters. Such a move has not been done since the fall of the old Soviet Union back in the early 90’s.

What purpose does Russia think that flying bombers in international air space might do for their country?  Is Russia trying to jump-start a new cold war with the West? I thought that both our countries had finally put that beside us and become peaceful allies. Maybe right now is not the time for  President Barak Obama to be pursuing a peaceful disarmament of our nuclear arsenal with a country that for now is not really show an interest in being very peaceful with us.

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