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There is no doubt that this strange rain fell on the small U.S. town in the Northwest, however, is it really an indication of germ warfare? According to the video below, in 1994 in the town of Oakville Washington a gelatinous rain came down for the first time as reported by local police. The substance found contained white blood cells, and was sent in for testing. The public tests and a private lab discovered that is was teaming with live bacteria. Shortly after this rain fell, many of the residents became very ill and a lot of animals also died.

There are now suspicions of biological weapon testing in Oakville Washington, but the military denies any involvement in the mysterious rain that fell in this small town. And for that matter, any weapons using weather control at all. But there are those who do argue those claims. Could this be an unfortunate event of contaminated water having been evaporated and happening to come down on Oakville?

In addition, some are also linking this incident to the now publicized outbreak of dangerous respiratory pneumonia in the Ukraine and Romania in the past few months that has caused a very high death toll. People are connecting them as germ warfare having been tested for the past 15 years or more and that now this respiratory pneumonia is a bio weapon as well. Of course there is no verification in these stories, no military coming forward from any country, no terrorist cell taking responsibility, and no concrete evidence to really support any of the claims.

It is a sad situation, that unknown and unexpected disease comes about in our world. But I feel it is just that, a freak coincidence that happens to effect human health in a dramatic way. I have seen evidence of weather control weapons and the “proof” has yet to convince me that it is very advanced or that it’s used to spread disease. I am more apt to believe that someone would release a disease such as we are seeing in the Ukraine and Romania through contact or injection, rather than the intentional distribution of bacteria through rain. Is it possible? Yes, it probably is in the future, but I really do not think we have advanced to that point as of yet. But this is just my opinion. May God bless and heal those who have been afflicted with these and all other diseases regardless of their origin.

Radical Islam groups are becoming more and more popular in the U.S. And as the number of members goes up so will the incidents such as what happened in Detroit on October 28, 2009. These fundamentalists have been recruiting not only those of their own nationality, but now they also look to bring in others from American prisons. The dangerous momentum of these groups are on a difficult to stop path towards the ability to cause serious damage within our own boarders and yet we hear little, if nothing in regards to the mounting threat. Here is a report on the deadly shootout in Detroit; it is titled Jihadi Training Compounds, U.S.A.

Is it possible that there was abuse of the interrogation system in the CIA? Yes, I believe it is possible. The people who were believed to go overboard with the interrogations have already been disciplined. But given the terrorists that we have interrogated I believe that the types of interrogation such as water boarding, firing blanks near the detainee, and other similar methods are indeed warranted. You can not expect to get valuable information from a terrorist (or why not call it like it is, murderer) without playing a little hard ball. I have heard things thrown around such as the interrogations causing detainee deaths, yet I have yet to hear of any type of method used that would cause death other than heart attack from being scared. I would be against physical torture such as breaking bones, or pulling out finger nails. However, you can not sit down and talk it out with these terrorists that we have been interrogating. All they would see that as is a weakness and never give up any useful information what so ever. These are the people who have killed thousands of innocent people and have no remorse. They feel they are justified by their beliefs to murder. We should be using as much force as possible to keep our country safe. If it meant keeping your loved ones safe, would you not use all means necessary to do so? At least we do not line them up to shoot them with a firing squad or cut their heads off on a television broadcast for all to see. We should be thanking the CIA and all of those who serve our country for keeping us safe for the past nearly 8 years and remember always who attacked first.

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Obama, once again, is showing his true muslim roots by mingling with the muslim world and turning his back on one of the strongest allies we have in the Middle East (Israel).  Israel has been a huge support to us for so many years both militarily and in intelligence gathering. Talk about stabbing your friends in the back. The Palestinian people have done nothing to deserve the kind of respect that we are giving them. I cannot believe that our nation has decided to turn our backs on friends and move towards a cold hearted people who are even willing to allow their own children to blow themselves up along with innocent civilians in the name of Allah and for Palestine.

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Why are the Russian officials giving out limited information regarding the disappearance and recapture of this vessel?  Could this be some sort of  Russian cover-up? Could some in the Russian government be conspiring with terrorist states, shipping goods (nuclear or biological weapons, firearms) to the sponsored states. With Russia helping Iran develop nuclear energy along with giving them other weapons it sure does make one wonder what is really going on. If Russia is supposed to be our friend again, then why are they sending subs to our east coast and making it look as if they have something to hide. They also support our known enemies such Venezula, Iran, and Syria for example. I know this is speculation, I am NOT saying anything is going on, it is just a little unsettling to see so much questionable activity. (Also see previous post about Russian Subs off the East Coast of Canada and the United States)

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Wonder what the government knows that we don’t know?

Like my dad always told me, “You are who your friends are.”  Just another socialist that Obama can’t seem to stop surrounding himself with. You be the judge.

Just another reason why to oppose Obamacare.

Tom Delay makes a really good point about Obama’s birth certificate

Just plain creepy! Wasn’t there something like this on the History Channel lately? I think I remember them analyzing the corpse with out being able to come to any conclusion as to what it is. I may be wrong, it could have been a different corpse. Still creepy though!

The Lockerbie Bomber, also known as Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, was convicted of bombing the Pan Am Flight 103 on December 21, 1988. He is responsible for the deaths of 270 innocent people. In my opinion, he is no better than any other murderer. And now, because he has terminal prostrate cancer, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is allowing his release to go and die in his homeland “on compassionate grounds.” This is hardly fair to the victims and their families! They did not get any last moments with their loved ones, or die in the comfort of their own surroundings. Instead it was in a firy hot airplane as it was blown to pieces by this man or by the remains of the jet crashing down on them. So why should his fate be anything less? I think he should have been put to death, but at the very least, he should die in prison.

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