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When the health care reform bill passed the House on Saturday by a 220-215 vote, it was as clear as ever that we are a country divided. The vast majority of those in favor of the bill were from the Democrat party except for one, Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao of New Orleans, who was singled out as the one Republican that the Obama administration could sway to do their bidding. And, having received the “Obama Treatment” and oodles of political “advice” was just what Mr Cao needed to mold him into the one thing the administration needed…bipartisanship.

With the well known controversy of the Pelosicare bill surrounding the two political parties of Democrat and Republican, the one thing that was obvious was that no GOP member in their right mind was going to vote in its favor. It has been evident from the beginning of President Obama’s presidency that it was a difficult task to bring in enough support for a bill like this with the endless campaigning and lobbying on the part of the administration and it’s supporters. They were even right back on the band wagon as soon as the bill passed trying to devise their next plan to be able to forward the agenda. But the claim of bipartisanship was an obstacle that they wanted to over come, just so they could have that under their belt when arguing in defense of Pelosicare. Although, I would hardly call one measly Republican vote bipartisan.

This is why they spent so much time in the weeks before on Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao. They saw a link that was weak enough to break. According to Fox News, Rep. Cao said that President Obama spoke with him for “a period of a couple weeks” and that Obama’s staff spoke with him “on a number of occasions.” And those talks sound a lot like flattery to me. Cao told Fox News that “We were able to sit down to talk about recovery, to talk about the needs of the district.”

The excuse for voting in favor of the health care bill in Mr. Cao’s eyes, was that his political situation is “special” due to having won in an upset election last December over Democrat William Jefferson. Cao even said to The Times-Picayune during the summer, “voting against the health care bill will probably be the death of my political career.” So, forget the Constitution, the American freedoms and liberty, the fight against more government control…just worry about your political career, because that’s what really matters in the end.

In my heart I know it probably won’t happen due to the overwhelmingly majority of democratic voters in New Orleans, but I sincerely hope that Rep. Anh Cao (and all Rhinos across America) get the boot in the 2010 elections. We do not need people in office that worry more about their political career than the future of America, and that goes for all parties. No more career politicians!


White House Spent ‘Weeks’ Courting Lone GOP Vote on Health Care Bill

Republican Scozzafava endorses Democrat after dropping out of race for New York’s 23rd Congressional District after realizing that she can not win. This needs to be a realization for all the GOP to get the Rhinos out, move the Moderates aside, and bring back the Conservatives. At least the Democratic candidate was supported by a group sharing the same ideals; it would have not been even a close win for Scozzafava because of the difference in the beliefs held by her and her supporting party. This was a complete waste of time, money, and effort in the Republican party when they could have easily gone with much more of a true “right-winger”. But for now, it looks as though a good candidate will likely be voted in for the Conservative party. I am all for third parties, but unfortunately, it is usually the more well-funded individuals who have the higher chances.


Just for a good laugh, check out Joe Biden’s ridiculous rant. Sounds like he is encouraging dissent as long as it is in line with the Obama agenda. And be sure to see how he jumps back to Sarah Palin at the end, he just can’t get over his recent disagreement with her on energy.


As I was searching the web this morning for what I felt was really important to my readers this article really caught my attention. In it is explained that since Obama and the Democrats on board with the health care reform have been some what unsuccessful in their efforts to win over the rest of the senate, they want to use the reconciliation process to get their bill passed. That would make it only require 51 votes to pass. This would not only bypass the Republican and Independents who are opposed to this, but also the Democrats that are opposed or absent. Not to mention make it filibuster proof, or in other words, not up for discussion. As stated in the article by Heidi Przybyla, “The president and his advisers have started devising a strategy to pass a measure by relying only on the Democratic majority in each house of Congress[…].”

I have to agree with Senator Orinn Hatch who said using the reconciliation process is “an abuse of the process. In fact, I think it is a huge misuse of power! We have voted these senators and congressmen into office to represent us, the people of the United States of America. And Obama sees it okay to pass a bill that would cost up ward of a trillion dollars or more without most of our elected officials. Even the independent senator, Joseph Lieberman, feels it is a mistake to hurry this through the houses of Congress. And it is, because there are other options to make over health care without putting the federal government in control and without putting America into yet another unnecessary trillion dollars of debt.

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It truly is a sad day for the Christian faith in America. On Friday leaders of the Lutheran Church voted 68% out of 1000 leaders to allow for the church to allow hiring of openly gay clergy. Before this new measure was voted on homosexuals had to remain celibate in order to be a part of the clergy. Although, conservative members of the church will not be forced to hire gay clergy, many will probably split from the church on grounds that the church has strayed from the teaching of the scripture. For example, Romans 1: 18-32 which spoke about the lustful sin of men lying with men and women lying with women. We must all pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Lutheran Church that they may see the errors of their ways, repent, and remember that God is in control.

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