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Although it is not September 11 yet, I found this and the person who posted it said, “I really want to be an American.” We have been truly blessed to be born in or move to America. I hope that if you are an American, that it has the same effect on you as it did on me. Enough said, enjoy.

It seems every time we turn around the past few weeks there is more news about the swine flu (H1N1 Virus) and the terrible repercussions of not taking action against it. It is hard to know who to believe and what course of action to take. I for one say to monitor all situations, assess the risks, and act according to what you feel is in your best interest. I have through much digging found that the H1N1 virus may not be as ominous as we are being led to believe. And the actual crisis being somewhat ignored is the increase in worldwide poverty and war. We hear the economy is doing better, things are looking up, we have began to pull out of Iraq and other areas our military have been occupying. But the truth is that violence has been mounting in the middle east, Russia has been up to some pretty questionable acts, and the economy around the world is not doing well at all.

The article below has a lot of valuable information regarding the virus and possible actions taken by the government in reaction to the pandemic. One that really stuck out to me and was alarming stated:

“Based on the model’s “predictions”, mass vaccination of half of the US population is required, with the possible provision for quarantines under civilian and/or military jurisdiction. In the case of the United Kingdom, confirmed by British press reports, the government has predicted a rising death toll requiring the provision of mass graves.”

This is just a small portion of the information contained in the link below. It also speaks of doctors being threatened if they reveal the manipulated data. As I said before, just take in all the information you can and act accordingly. If a month or two passes with no really safety issues arising from the vaccines then consider taking it just as a precaution as with any other vaccine, but don’t readily believe everything you hear from the mainstream media. There are other issues out there not being addressed that need to have a lot more attention than this virus so far.

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I almost feel bad posting this today, being as Ted Kennedy has just passed on. But had it not been for him passing on, I would not have come upon this. I was researching Senator Kennedy’s past and I found this KGB letter speaking of Kennedy and an offer he gave to them. You will understand after reading it for yourself. Here is the link below:

I remember watching things such as Terminator, Matrix, and Star Wars thinking this is just a little too far fetched. Why would we ever create something that would destroy us? Well, I still don’t have that answer, but it appears that there has been those that have been working on just that. The U.S. Department of Defense seems to have made  already or has something in the works in robotics that would “be trained [programmed] to fire on people.” I am not on board with the whole doomsday scenario with robots taking over just yet, however, it is just strange to know that a decade ago this was just something in the movies.

This opinion is based on the following article:

Why are the Russians patrolling subs of our East Coast? I thought that we are friends now that Obama is our President.  I thought that he was suppose to bring united and peace with our world neighbors.

This is sure starting to look fishy.  What does Putin have up his sleeve? Please feel free to comment.


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