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I’m not sure why, but for as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the weather. One of those things which have caught my attention the most has been lightning. Until a month or so ago, I was unaware that there was “upwards lightning” as described in the first article sited below. However, I watched a documentary on lightning about a month back on the Discovery Channel’s Raging Planet and toward the end they had some information on this phenomenon which is actually called sprites. I was, of course, hypnotized by this documentary and have been somewhat obsessed with sprites ever since. Anyway, here in the first article it makes it sound as though it has just been discovered, but it was actually first photographed by scientists in 1989. The second link is a video of sprites, and the third is a bit more information. It is very interesting and I thought maybe it would interest some other people out there as well.

If you love lightning footage check this video out too:

I couldn’t agree more with the article below! I just can’t believe all the uninformed people out there that have blindly fallen for the myths of global warming and the other way of global cooling. Has anyone else done their OWN research on this? The earth goes through cycles, the axis changes, the winds from El Nino and El Nina have a significant effect as well. Some years are hotter and some colder and it varies from year to year, decade to decade, century to century. It is really ridiculous and I encourage everyone to do some research on the climate changes from the beginning of recorded weather.

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